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Cross Platform Parties & Matchmaking

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We at Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire want to provide a brief update regarding the status of cross-platform parties. To start, it’s important to establish that cross-platform parties were not a planned feature for the launch of Chivalry 2. We acknowledge that our messaging around what Chivalry 2 ‘cross-play’ would and wouldn’t entail caused confusion. Since launch your feedback has been heard loud and clear and we want to reiterate that we are absolutely committed to bringing cross-platform parties to Chivalry 2 in the future.

Introducing the technology required to make parties possible through multiple platforms is not a straightforward development task. In addition to the technical work, the end result will require thorough testing to ensure that when this feature is brought online, it will meet our studios’ and your expectations.

As you have seen, our teams have been hard at work launching our first content update and working on various hotfix issues. As such, our team was not able to fully begin work on cross-platform parties, but that is now beginning to change. At current, we are now evaluating all available cross-platform services at our disposal to better understand which will meet our needs. In parallel to this, our engineers have begun early evaluations with reviewing the level of effort required for such a technical endeavor. In addition to the engineering work, there will be a fair amount of UI and design tasking to be completed as well.

As we are in the early stages of development for this feature, it’s difficult to predict a firm timeline. With that said, when our team has updates to share on the progress of cross-platform parties, we will absolutely do so.
Lastly, along with cross-platform parties, the addition of specifically PS4-PS5 cross-generation parties continues to remain an equally top priority for our studio. Once we have firm details on a timeline for this, we’ll share with everyone.

Your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated.

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