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Beta Download & Gameplay Info

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Announcement: We are working with our partners to clear up issues some players are experiencing with finding and downloading the beta's on their platform of choice. Please find instructions and potential workarounds for now listed below.

Epic Game Store

The Beta client will appear in your library, whether you pre-ordered or have redeemed a key code.

PlayStation 4|5

PlayStation 5 players who pre-ordered
  1. Hit the three dots ... Then go to product page
  2. Hit the three dots ... Then select Beta
  3. Download the beta

PlayStation 4 players who pre-ordered
1. Go to the Standard Edition page for Chivalry
2. Go down to "Demos" which is below where you can move between editions. 
3. From here you can download the Beta

PlayStation players who have received a Beta Key code
Beta Key Redemptions are now live 
- instructions here:
Note: we are seeing some issues with certain EU region keys in giveaways not being redeemable. Please hang tight while we wait for this to be resolved.

PlayStation 5 Special Note
By default, PSN will download the PS4 and PS5 version of the Beta, and launch into the PS4 version unless you go into the app and specify the PS5 version of the Beta.

Xbox One + Xbox Series S|X

Xbox players who pre-ordered
4/26 at 10pm ET: Xbox pre-order beta access issues should now be resolved. 
If you pre-ordered on Xbox, you can navigate to the Chivalry 2 Beta in the store to download. You will need to navigate to the Beta itself; installing the main game will not work.

Xbox players who have received a Beta Key code
In the Xbox store on your console, download the Chivalry 2 Beta.
Or, try using the Windows Store link below (From a Windows 10 PC with the store) which should take you to the Chivalry 2 Beta page and allow you to download it to your console if you are logged in on the same Microsoft/Xbox Account:
You may need to copy and paste the above link into your browser if it does not open when clicking on it, or appears to try and open a search.


  1. Parties are not currently functioning as intended in the beta.
  2. Related to above: you cannot party between PS4 & PS5.
  3. If you're having issues finding a game via matchmaking please restart your game (especially directly after the tutorial).
  4. There is still a remaining issue with redeeming EU PlayStation keys that we are investigating. You may see that it your key is listed as "inactive".
  5. We are actively monitoring servers to identify some performance issues occurring on max-filled servers.
  6. PS4/PS5: When coming back into the game from standby mode, everything looks fine but matchmaking will fail. In this case, restart the game so you can find games again.

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