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Beta Download & Gameplay Info

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Epic Game Store

Visit the Epic Games Store and download the Chivalry 2 Beta client.

PlayStation 4|5

PS5: Navigate to the store page for the standard or special edition, scroll down to the bottom to find and download the Beta.
PS4: Navigate to the store page for the standard or special edition, scroll down to the bottom to find and download the Beta.
  • You will need to navigate to the store page on the PS4 console and not via the web store
Special Notes:

  • Previously it was announced that you would not need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to participate in the Chivalry 2 Open Beta. With the launch of the Beta, this was quickly determined not to be working, and on active investigation with our partners a cause has been found. Sadly a fix for this would be dangerous to the existing Beta’s stability at this time.
    So what does that mean? PlayStation Plus is now a requirement for participation in the Chivalry 2 Beta on PlayStation 4. On PlayStation 5, an active subscription continues to be not required. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

  • German players ARE required to have PS+ to play on PlayStation 5 - this is a platform/ratings requirement

Xbox One + Xbox Series S|X

In the Xbox store on your console, download the "Chivalry 2 Beta"; it will be shown as Free.
Or, try using the link below which should take you to the Chivalry 2 Beta page and allow you to download it to your console:

Gameplay Notes 

  1. If you're having issues finding a game via matchmaking please restart your game (especially directly after the tutorial).
  2. PS4/PS5: PS4 players can team with PS4 players, but not with PS5 players. PS5 players can try downloading the PS4 edition of the game to party with PS4 players.
  3. PS4/PS5: When coming back into the game from standby mode, everything looks fine but matchmaking will fail. In this case, restart the game so you can find games again.
  4. Party System: only same-platform Parties are possible. Same-platform Parties must be formed while in the main menu. Cross-platform Parties are not a feature at this time. 

Special Edition & Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-order Bonuses are available in the beta. However, Special Edition bonuses will not be available in the beta but will be granted upon the full game launch on June 8th.

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