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Game Locks Up At Server Browser / No Servers Displayed / Failed to Join Server / Connection To Host Lost

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If Chivalry 2 exhibits one of the following behaviors: 
  • Freezing when you select the server browser
  • No servers are being displayed
  • You receive errors trying to join any server
  • Or it appears your internet has stopped completely (both in or out of game)
  • You join the game but shortly afterward are kicked (or appear to be in an empty play environment by yourself or other players have frozen)
It is highly likely that security software is blocking/freezing the game.
Make sure the game is on any allowed/ignore list in any such software.
If it already is, try removing it and re-adding it. It is also possible
that security software on a physical device, such as a router firewall,
may also be blocking parts of or all of the game connections. Please
check your router software for any such allowed/ignored lists as well
and make sure the game is on it (or remove and re-add it).

For the best connection results, please add these IPs to any security software permission/exclusion list:

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