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Currency Overgrant

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We have been made aware that there is an issue that continuously awards in-game currency to people who have purchased the Special Edition version of Chivalry 2 on console.

In order to rectify this situation we've made a backend adjustment to remove these improperly awarded currencies. This backend change will deduct the incorrectly awarded Gold and Crowns. Player currency, if impacted by this, will only be reduced up to the point of being zeroed out, and will not be set at a negative value.

For example:
If a user got 2 Special Editions granted to them (2000 crowns total) and spent 1500 of those crowns, the account will be reduced to 0 crowns. If a player spent only 300 crowns, they'll be reduced to 700. Any owned currency that you have earned or been awarded from purchasing the Special Edition will be unaffected.

If you made purchases with this over-awarded currency you will retain ownership of those items and they will not be revoked.

Additionally but separately to the above issue: we believe that most if not all cases of missing Special Edition perks should now be properly sent out. In order to check if your Special Edition perks have been awarded to your account, please restart your console and log into the game. The game will depend on a new log-in to award these items to you. If you are still missing Special Edition items after logging in as of the time of this message, please fill out this new form so that we can look into the issue further.

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