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Known Issues - 10/04/2022

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 Top Known Issues as of October 4, 2022:



  • Active parries can be inconsistent
  • Micro-teleports from your player and other players may occasionally be experienced
  • Some regions have been experiencing higher than average ping
  • Weapons may sometimes hit earlier/later than expected in a low ping server
  • Next Attacks may be queued unintentionally after hitting an ally while still holding the attack button
  • Rare state mismatch between client and server for counter success or riposte success



  • Some server load-ins will force players to wear a default helmet when no helmet is selected
  • A potential fix was implemented for the no-helmet bug in our testing branch where the issue remained dormant for an extended period of time. Closer to the release of 2.6 it presented itself again, resulting in it being sent back. Unfortunately, this bug will remain in 2.6 while we continue to work on it.


Console-specific issues: 

  • PS4 texture resolutions on Bulwark are lower than intended
  • PS5 Customization may occasionally reset to default
  • Chase mechanic does not work on consoles
  • Possibility of Xbox Parties being dropped on map changes



  • Aberfell - the possibility of a few Agathians dropping into water on first spawn
  • Aberfell - the possibility of a few Masons spawning in the terrain in the last half of the protecting stones objective
  • Possibility of a skipped spawn on hippodrome
  • Bulwark - One Mason spawn can possibly spawn player inside cliff in the “Defend the Town Hall” Stage



  • Horses can enter a “quicksand” state where their movement is hindered by being hit a certain way



  • A friend’s Join game button does not behave as expected
  • Resolution scale may not save desired setting properly

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